Reba McEntire Itinerary

Reba McEntire Itinerary

A natural performer, Reba McEntire started singing as a self-described “kid from the sticks” on her family ranch in rural Oklahoma. Travel this ultimate fan route to see some of the venues that helped the Queen of Country get her start. Stroll the same college campus where McEntire attended classes and venture into museums that pay tribute to the star by displaying McEntire memorabilia. Travel small town roads to see her hometown of Chockie and snap a photo of the sign marking Reba McEntire Avenue, which runs near the ranch that’s been in her family for decades.

Oklahoma City

ITIN Nat Cowboy & West Museum
1700 NE 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK

Stop 1: National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Reba McEntire was inducted into the museum’s Hall of Great Western Performers in 1995. Formerly known as the Cowboy Hall of Fame, this museum also features her father and grandfather, who both won the title of Steer Roping World Champion, in the museum’s Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Start from: 1700 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK


Arrive at: 130 W Main St, Ada, OK


ITIN McSwain
130 W Main St
Ada, OK

Stop 2: McSwain Theatre

Reba McEntire performed live at Ada’s famous McSwain Theatre before she was discovered by Red Steagall during a performance of the national anthem in Oklahoma City.

Start from: 130 W Main St, Ada, OK


Arrive at: 1405 N 4th Ave, Durant, OK


1405 N 4th Ave
Durant, OK

Stop 3: Southeastern Oklahoma State University

In the 1970s, Reba McEntire attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The future country superstar graduated in 1976 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a minor in music.

Start from: 1405 N 4th Ave, Durant, OK


Arrive at: 258 US 69, Atoka, OK


ITIN Confederate Museum
258 US 69
Atoka, OK

Stop 4: Confederate Memorial Museum & Cemetery

This Atoka museum, located near Reba's hometown of Chockie, features a display of Reba memorabilia. Stop in to see photos of Reba, as well as one of her signature dresses.

Start from: 258 US 69, Atoka, OK


Arrive at: Oregon Ave between 1st & 3rd St, Atoka, OK

ITIN Atoka Football Stadium
Oregon Ave between 1st & 3rd St
Atoka, OK

Stop 5: Atoka High School Football Stadium

Fans gathered to see Reba perform at the Atoka High School Football Stadium on May 24, 1984. This historic structure was built in 1939 by a WPA project that President Roosevelt personally approved the funds to complete.

Start from: Oregon Ave between 1st & 3rd St, Atoka, OK


Arrive at: Reba McEntire Ave, Stringtown, OK


ITIN Reba McEntire Rd
Reba McEntire Ave
Stringtown, OK

Stop 6: Reba McEntire Avenue

During her early career and first marriage, Reba McEntire was a proud resident of Stringtown, Oklahoma, where she owned a ranch. The town honored their famous resident by naming a local street Reba McEntire Avenue.

Start from: Reba McEntire Ave, Stringtown, OK


Arrive at: Chockie Mountain Rd, Chockie, OK


ITIN Chockie Mt Rd
Chockie Mountain Rd
Chockie, OK

Stop 7: Chockie Mountain Road

Reba McEntire famously grew up on a 7,000-acre cattle ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma. Although the ranch is still a private residence, visitors can drive down Chockie Mountain Road and view the land Reba once called home.

Start from: Chockie Mountain Rd, Chockie, OK


Arrive at: Oklahoma 63, Kiowa, OK


Reba McEntire attended classes and performed with the band at Kiowa High School.
Oklahoma 63
Kiowa, OK

Stop 8: Kiowa High School

Reba McEntire graduated from Kiowa High School in 1973. While earning her high school diploma, Reba McEntire was part of the Kiowa High School Cowboy Band and sang on the radio with her brothers as the Singing McEntires.

Start from: Oklahoma 63, Kiowa, OK


Arrive at: , , OK

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