Set your sights on deer, wild turkeys, quail and elk in Oklahoma, where more than 100 public areas invite you to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Hunting is part of our Oklahoma heritage, and game such as antelope, bear, pheasant, ducks, geese and, of course, whitetail deer are in season at some point nearly year round. Hunters can use our public wildlife management areas or take part in population control hunts at some of our national wildlife areas.

Plan a hunting trip and take advantage of the many private ranches and lodges in Oklahoma that provide comfortable accommodations, hearty meals and even guide services. Hunt waterfowl on our lakes and in our wetlands, take down a trophy buck or go more exotic as you track the elusive wild boar or black bear. Whether you are a bowhunter, black powder fan, or prefer gun season, Oklahoma invites you to enjoy the thrill of the hunt with us. Archery, muzzleloader and gun seasons provide opportunities for all hunters to don the camouflage and hunt up your favorite game.


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