Kitchen Lake Park

5501 SE 119th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73165

Kitchen Lake Park

5501 SE 119th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73165

Kitchen Lake Park in south Oklahoma City is a charming place to spend an afternoon outdoors. Part of the city's "Close to Home" fishing waters program, the lake attracts casual anglers from around the metro because of its convenient location. There are also two picnic areas with tables and benches with panoramic views of the lake as well as walking paths and a floating fishing dock. This 33-acre lake is stocked with largemouth bass, crappie and three types of sunfish.

A field at the end of Air Depot Road near the lake is also said to be haunted by a witch who was killed by witch hunters when they set her house on fire while she was inside. Only the chimney and fireplace remained and people reported seeing the chimney smoking years after the fire and still smelling debris smoldering. The witch supposedly haunts the area as retribution for her death and cars have been known to malfunction out near the field.




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