The Gap Band Itinerary

The Gap Band Itinerary

Fans can have the ultimate GAP Band experience by visiting the members' childhood home and walking the north Tulsa streets that gave the band its famous name - Greenwood, Archer and Pine. Feel the funk with a tour through the places that influenced the band's sound and gave brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert their start in the industry. From the church where the brothers used to sing together as boys to the studio where they recorded as adults, this road trip hits all the GAP Band high notes.


Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson of The Gap Band grew up in this home at 1437 Denver Ave. in Tulsa.
1437 N Denver Ave
Tulsa, OK

Stop 1: The Wilson Childhood Home

Before the GAP Band ever formed, it's members (who were also brothers) lived in this house during their childhood and teenage years.

Start from: 1437 N Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: Greenwood & Archer, Tulsa, OK

The intersection of Greenwood Ave. and Archer St. in Tulsa's historic Greenwood district.  The GAP Band took their name from Greenwood, Archer and Pine streets in Tulsa.
Greenwood & Archer
Tulsa, OK

Stop 2: Greenwood, Archer & Pine Streets

The GAP Band named themselves after these three major streets in north Tulsa’s Greenwood District, famously known as “Black Wall Street” during the 1920s. This area ran along Greenwood Avenue, bordered by Pine Street to the north and Archer Street to the south. Originally called the Greenwood Archer & Pine Street Band, the group officially changed their name after a typo on a promotional flier abbreviated the name to simply The GAP Band.

Start from: Greenwood & Archer, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: 304 S Trenton Ave, Tulsa, OK

The Church Studio is located in Tulsa's historic Pearl District.  Once owned by Leon Russell, the studio has recorded several greats including J.J. Cale and The GAP Band.
304 S Trenton Ave
Tulsa, OK

Stop 3: Church Studio

The GAP Band recorded with Leon Russell at the Church Studio in Tulsa and released their first album “Magicians Holiday” on Leon Russell’s Shelter Records in 1974.

Start from: 304 S Trenton Ave, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: 1813 N Madison Ave, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa's Mason Temple Church of God in Christ, the church where Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson attended and sang in the church choir growing up. 

1813 N. Madison
Tulsa, OK

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1813 N Madison Ave
Tulsa, OK

Stop 4: Mason Temple Church of Christ

The Wilson brothers attended this church while growing up in Tulsa.

Start from: 1813 N Madison Ave, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: 1631 E Woodrow Pl, Tulsa, OK

ITIN Booker T Washington HS
1631 E Woodrow Pl
Tulsa, OK

Stop 5: Booker T Washington High School

Charlie and Ronnie Wilson attended high school here during their teenage years. Charlie graduated in 1971 and Ronnie graduated in 1966.

Start from: 1631 E Woodrow Pl, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: 1101 E Apache, Tulsa, OK

ITIN Church
1101 E Apache
Tulsa, OK

Stop 6: North Side Church of God in Christ

The Wilson brothers often attended church here and Charlie Wilson’s mother hosted gospel concerts at the North Side Church of God in Christ. The boys were featured singers during the church's concerts along with other community gospel singers.

Start from: 1101 E Apache, Tulsa, OK


Arrive at: , , OK

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