Summer Jelly-Making Farms

Summer means ripe berries perfect for picking and turning into sweet jams and jellies. Explore Oklahoma Agritourism's Jelly Making Trails for irresistible, spreadable delights.

Venture along the Oklahoma Jelly-Making Trails, and stop by Agape House Berry Farm in Mustang.
Photo Credit: Agape House Berry Farm

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Break out an Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails guide, and follow one of six routes for easy access to juicy fruits across the state. Simply choose your favorite fruit(s) and head to the nearest u-pick farm so you can create your own homemade jams and jellies.

Strawberries (May-June)

Layers of rich strawberry jam spice up average slices of bread and butter. Visit one of the following Oklahoma u-pick farms for fresh strawberries perfect for turning into sweet jellies best topped on toast.

As an added bonus, plan to attend the Stilwell Strawberry Festival in the “Strawberry Capital of the World” for strawberry-themed parades, auctions, recipe contests and an abundance of ripe, freshly picked strawberries.

Sand Plums (May-July)

Sand plums, a regional specialty, hit peak season in the summer. Stop by local farms for premade sandplum jelly, or navigate through the trees in the hopes of finding juicy fruits perfect for creating sand plum butters, jams and jellies.

Blueberries (June-July)

In the heart of summer, blueberry season strikes, paving the way to sweet blueberry cheesecakes and cobblers. Gather up baskets and select from plump pickings of fresh produce at these Oklahoma farms.

Peaches (June-September)

Every summer, Oklahomans look forward to peach-picking. Tour through local u-pick farms along the Jelly Making Trails, and take home bushels of peaches to add to ice cream and homemade popsicles.

An annual tradition, support the local peach rivalry between the Porter Peach Festival and the Stratford Peach Festival. At the Porter Peach Festival, stick around for free peaches and ice cream, and visit nearby orchards to stock up on the fresh fruit. The Stratford Peach Festival will serve homemade peach ice cream and showcase a variety of muscle cars.

Blackberries (July-August)

One of Oklahoma’s biggest bounties, blackberries are in abundance at local farms in the summertime. Swing by an agritourism destination in hot summer months for ripe berries best enjoyed in jelly form.

For access to some of the state’s freshest berries, bring the family to the Blackberry Festival in McLoud. Besides picking up pints of blackberries, visitors can also sip on blackberry sodas, watch the turtle races and cheer on Blackberry Royalty Pageant participants.

Raspberries (July-August)

Spruce up traditional breakfast foods with homemade spreads created from Oklahoma-grown raspberries. Trek to local farms, and select the juiciest berries lying in wait on thriving bushes.

Wine Grapes (July-September)

Classic grape jellies are within arm’s reach at Oklahoma u-pick farms. Explore local vineyards and select full grape clusters off the vine to whip into sweet, homemade jams.

Seasonal harvest celebrations offer additional grape-picking opportunities in Oklahoma. The Grape Smash Bash at Indian Creek Village Winery in Ringwood invites the whole family down to pick and smash grapes, while the Grape Stomp Festival contains plenty of relaxing vineyard activities for all ages.

Prickly Pears (August-September)

For a unique taste, stop by Oklahoma destinations to carefully procure prickly pears off blooming cacti. Concoct one-of-a-kind prickly pear cactus jellies in your kitchen after venturing into the Oklahoma panhandle for prime picking opportunities.

Please note that seasonal produce timelines vary by year. Be sure to call ahead to confirm availability. Fresh berries are also available at farmers markets across the state.

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