Pawnee County Genealogy Resources

Discover Pawnee County and trace your family history and ancestry with this list of county-specific genealogy resources.

Pawnee County.

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Located in northeastern Oklahoma, Pawnee County was named for the Pawnee tribe. Explorers and traders passed through the county in the early 1800s. By the early 1900s, railroads had been built in the area. Oil and gas production was a major economic force in early Pawnee County history, starting with the county’s first well in 1904.

The Pawnee Historical Society Museum houses historical artifacts from the area, as well as from the Pawnee tribe. Pawnee Lake offers boating, fishing and camping. In Cleveland, the Triangle Heritage Oil & Historical Museum features oil industry memorabilia and artifacts. Feyodi Creek Park on Lake Keystone offers hiking, camping and lake access.

In 2020, census records showed 15,553 people living in Pawnee County. Countless resources exist for tracing genealogy in Pawnee County including cemetery records and a local historical society. For more information about genealogy in Pawnee County, resources are provided below.

Pawnee County Courthouse Information

Pawnee County Courthouse
500 Harrison St., Room 202
Pawnee, OK 74058
Telephone: (918) 762-2732

Directions: On the town square at Harrison St.

Records available: Court Clerk has marriage records from 1893, divorce and civil court records from 1894 and probate records from 1911.

Detailed Map of Pawnee County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites, or examine county and township lines with this detailed map of Pawnee County.

Existing Towns in Pawnee County

While researching your family history in Pawnee County, be sure to visit Pawnee, the largest town in the county. The following towns and cities are located in present day Pawnee County, Oklahoma.






Oak Grove







Ghost Towns in Pawnee County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Pawnee County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past. These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."





Mule Barn


Shady Grove


Cemeteries in Pawnee County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Pawnee County, Oklahoma.

Basin Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Bethany Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Blackburn Cemetery

Dixie and Bear Creek

Drake Cemetery

East Basin Cemetery

Endicott Cemetery

Forest Hill Cemetery

Hallett Cemetery

Highland Cemetery

Highland Park Cemetery

Indian Cemetery

IOOF (AKA Maramec)

Jennings Cemetery

Leroy Cemetery

Masham Cemetery

Mashan Cemetery

Morrison Cemetery

Mount Pleasant

Mount Vernon

North Indian Cemetery

Pawnee Cemetery

Ralston Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

Rule Cemetery

Sinnett Cemetery

Sinnett Memorial

Skedee Cemetery

South Indian Cemetery

Squier Cemetery

Stephenson Ranch

Terlton Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Valley Cemetery

West Indian Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery

Yonah View Memorial

Libraries in Pawnee County

Jay C. Byers Memorial Library
215 E. Wichita Ave
Cleveland, OK 74020
Telephone: (918) 358-2676

Pawnee Public Library
653 Illinois St
Pawnee, OK 74058
Telephone: (918) 762-2138

Historic Newspaper Archives of Pawnee County

The Glenco Mirror

Pawnee Chief

Pawnee County Obits

Pawnee Courier-Dispatch

Tribal Nations in Pawnee County

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
881 Little Dee Dr.
P.O. Box 470
Pawnee, OK 74058
Telephone: (918) 762-3621

Additional Genealogy Resources for Pawnee County

Pawnee County Historical Society
513 6th St.
Pawnee, OK 74058
Telephone: (918) 762-4681

Places to Visit in Pawnee County

While researching your family history in Pawnee County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Cleveland City Lake

Feyodi Creek Park

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Keystone Golf Course

Pawnee Bathhouse & Recreation Area

Pawnee Bill Ranch Historic Site &

Pawnee County Historical Society Museum &
Dick Tracy Headquarters

Pawnee Lake

Pawnee Municipal Golf Course

Triangle Heritage Oil & Historical Museum

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