Oklahoma City Thunder: A Game Day Guide

The Oklahoma City Thunder offers one of the most exciting shows in the NBA, full of fast-paced action and some of the best basketball players in the world. Whether you’re traveling in-state to the Paycom Center or coming from out-of-state to cheer on the visiting team, you’ll want to check out some fun things to do before and after the game. Check out our guide to finding great places to eat, grab a drink or watch the game nearby.

The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team is taking the NBA by storm. Visitors can catch a game at the Paycom Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

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Where to Stay

If you’re visiting from out of town to catch a Thunder game, you’ll have no issue finding amazing accommodations. For the closest option to the Paycom Center, book a room at the Omni Hotel. This luxurious hotel offers not only close access to the stadium, but breathtaking views of Scissortail Park and the Oklahoma City skyline. During your stay, you’ll have quick access to the six restaurants and bars within the hotel that are perfect for a pre-game meal.

Another excellent option in close proximity to the stadium is the Skirvin Hotel. The Skirvin is one of Oklahoma City’s oldest and grandest hotels that offers all the modern comfort amenities the discriminating travler expects. The hotel was at one point the go-to accommodations for visiting NBA teams, with many players reporting strange occurrences during their stay, earning its haunted reputation.

The Colcord Hotel is another convenient option for out-of-town fans, just a six-minute walk to the stadium. The Colcord is another of OKC’s oldest hotels that has gone through an extensive modern upgrade, providing plenty of comfort during your stay.

Downtown Pizza

If you’re hungry for a slice of pizza before the game, there are plenty of options near the stadium. Swing by Rendezvous Pizza, a Bricktown pie shop that offers full New York and Detroit-style pizzas as well as individual slices with traditional toppings like pepperoni in addition to signature styles. Just a three-minute drive or an 11-minute walk will land you at Paycom Center in time for the game.

Another excellent pre-game pizza option is The Halls Pizza Kitchen which offers a great selection of traditional and signature pies as well as a full bar. For early or late-season games when the weather is nice, the rooftop patio is the perfect place to get a view of the skyline, including the Paycom Center, which is just an eight-minute drive or 20-minute walk away.

Sports Bars

The closest to Paycom you can get for pre-game dining or outside viewing is the OKC Tap House inside the Omni Oklahoma City Hotel. Located directly across the street from the Paycom Center, you’ll find one of the largest collections of TVs in the city where you can watch the Thunder and a variety of other events in high-definition. Dig into sports bar classics like burgers, sandwiches and pizza while sipping on one of the largest collections of local beers available in OKC. This two-story mega sports bar is also a great place to celebrate a Thunder victory with the crowd as they exit the nearby Paycom Center.

Another sports bar option with great food, drink and game-viewing options is the Deep Deuce Grill. You’ll find delicious traditional bar food complete with plenty of TVs to watch the game. If you’re pre-gaming, it’ll only take you five minutes to drive there or 20 minutes to walk.


Craving a pre-game burger? Check out Spark, just steps away from the stadium in Scissortail Park which offers a variety of delicious burgers including their titular Spark Burger with its signature burger sauce. Other favorites include Pink Fries, corn dogs and their frozen custard with a new flavor available every month. Spark also sells a large selection of local beers as well as their signature Frozen Peach Club Special.

According to renowned food critic Alton Brown, the best double cheeseburger in America is just a few minutes away from the Paycom Center at Bar Arbolada. Along with that mouthwatering burger, you’ll find a limited menu featuring delicious starters, shareables and salads. Just a five-minute walk or a 15-minute drive from the stadium, Bar Arbolada is a great place for pre-game or post-game craft cocktails, wine and beer.

There are also plenty of burger options inside the Paycom Center including Freddy’s Frozen Custard.

Mexican Food

Social Capital, located just across the street from Scissortail Park and a five-minute walk to Paycom, is the perfect place to grab a bite before or after the game. Dig into quick bites like tacos, queso and salsa and wash it down with your choice from one of the largest selections of local beer in the city.

Another great option for downtown Mexican food is Abuelo’s, located a three-minute drive or 12-minute drive from the stadium. All your Tex-Mex favorites are available at Abuelo’s including fajitas, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas as well as a full-service bar with a selection of margaritas that will get you in the mood to Thunder Up.

Local Mexican food options inside the stadium include Taco Mayo and the Okie Dilla.

  • For more Mexican food options in downtown Oklahoma City, check this list.

Sharable Spots

If you’re bringing your friends and family to the game, you might think about checking out the Melting Pot. Make your way through a four-course dining experience full of sharable options that can be dipped and dined on with large groups. Start with cheeses, breads and vegetables before main course options like steak, duck, seafood and chicken. Melting Pot is a four-minute drive to the stadium or a 12-minute walk.

Another great option for groups, Parlor OKC includes several different local dining options that can satisfy whatever you’re craving. Grab burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, pizza and more all in one convenient location, only six minutes away from the Paycom Center.

Fine Dining Downtown

If you'd like to class things up before the game, Downtown Oklahoma City has no shortage of fine dining options near the stadium. For one of the best steaks anywhere in the state, head to Mahogany Prime Steakhouse. Full of fine cuts of high-quality steak, delicious sides and an impressive wine list, Mahogany isn’t just a favorite for Thunder fans, it’s a known favorite of both Thunder players and opposing teams.

For another classy destination, try Tellers, located in the lobby of The National Hotel. Tellers boasts a diverse menu of Italian dishes like pasta and wood-fired pizza that can be enjoyed while surrounded by the original decor and teller booths of the stunning, Art Deco-era First National Bank. Tellers is a five-minute drive from the stadium or a short 10-minute walk.

Post-Game Drinks

Whether you’re celebrating a win or moving on from a loss, there is no shortage of nightcap options near the stadium. One of the premier nightlife spots near Paycom Center is The Jones Assembly. The massive Jones Assembly space includes a two-story bar area inside as well as a vast dining area and outdoor patio. Located just a five-minute drive or a 15-minute walk from the Paycom Center, the Jones Assembly is a great place to go for post-game drinks.

Other options for drinks nearby include aforementioned restaurants like Bar Arbolada and Social Capital, as well as Bricktown hot spots like Coyote Ugly and JJ’s Alley. You might also like to check out The R&J Lounge & Supper Club, a frequent spots of the Thunder faithful.

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