Tahlequah & Hulbert

This week its all about legendary pizza and landmarks on the TravelOK Weekender. Find out where to eat, stay and play in Tahlequah and Hulbert.
Weekender Section: eat

Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace

Some of the best pizza in Oklahoma comes home to roost at Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace in Tahlequah. While their name reflects the restaurant's interior brimming with fun iconography of the humble yard bird, Sam & Ella's ...

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Weekender Section: stay

Sequoyah State Park

Sequoyah State Park is a haven for water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With over 19,000 surface acres of water and 225 miles of shoreline on Fort Gibson Lake, the park attracts boaters and beach-goers alike. Visitors enjoy hiking, ...

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Weekender Section: play

Cherokee National History Museum

Housed in the renovated Cherokee National Capitol in downtown Tahlequah, the Cherokee National History Museum tells the Cherokee story through immersive exhibits and augmented reality presentations. Through artifacts and interactive exhibits, ...

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Cherokee National Prison Museum

Learn about the Cherokee judicial system of the late 1800s at the Cherokee National Prison Museum in Tahlequah. From 1875 to 1901, this sandstone building served as the only penitentiary in Indian Territory. Tour ironclad cells to get an ...

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