Hit the road - on an intriguing 'virtual' trip through Oklahoma!

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The Coronavirus crisis may mean, for now, it's not possible actually to travel to the USA - but, thanks to a year-long project by a team from TravelOK there's an intriguing 'virtual' alternative just a couple of clicks away! So far, since summer 2019 - myriad Oklahoma destinations and attractions have been captured on video under the title 'Road Trip OK'.

The kaleidoscopic mix of topics offers a unique insight into the diversity and special features of the state - historic and natural monuments; museums and curiosities; urban and country landscapes. In addition, 'virtual' visitors will experience many of the sights along the iconic 'mother road' - Route 66; and gain genuine insight into the diverse histories and cultures of the 39 American Indian tribes headquartered in the Sooner State. Special events and festivals are well-recorded (for example, Christmas in Oklahoma), as are many vibrant live music and delicious food outlets.

These beautifully compiled short 'Road Trip OK' films - each 5-8 minutes in duration - will surely make you hungry for more, and help you in planning your eagerly-anticipated trip through Oklahoma … and hopefully, it won't be too long before you can say 'OK - here we go!'

Visit https://www.travelok.com/road-trip for the 'Road Trip OK' films and more information

A special thanks to our advertisers
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