Extreme Adventures in Oklahoma

Unleash your inner daredevil with these extreme adventures in Oklahoma.

Embark on an extreme Oklahoma adventure by climbing Mount Scott in Lawton.

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Oklahoma’s diverse terrain promises all kinds of extreme adventure from rock climbing and scuba diving to spelunking and sky diving. Whether you choose to get your adrenaline fix in the air, on land or in the water, you’re sure to find boundary-pushing fun in every corner of the state. Gather up your courage and step up to the challenge of Oklahoma’s extreme adventures.


Wide open skies invite you to explore all there is to do above the clouds. Take a peaceful ride through the sky with Skyway Balloons in Collinsville. The initial liftoff will get your heart pounding, but the euphoric feeling once you’re in the air is well worth it.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, look no further than Sail Grand Waterfront. Starting out on the back of a boat, you’ll be propelled 500 feet into the air to enjoy a spectacular view, and maybe even a dip in the water.

Of course, skydiving is the ultimate air adventure, and you can experience that at the Oklahoma Skydiving Center in Cushing. You can jump all on your own or go tandem with an experienced skydiving instructor.

Static lines ensure that your parachute opens immediately after jumping from the airplane or you can free fall and experience complete weightlessness while plummeting toward the earth.

If you want the thrill of skydiving, but aren’t ready to jump out of an airplane quite yet then check out Oklahoma City's indoor skydiving facility, iFLY. There, you’ll experience free-fall conditions in the safety of a vertical wind tunnel making this an experience the whole family can enjoy.


With sandy dunes and caves in the west and top-notch rock climbing opportunities scattered throughout the state, you’ll find nearly limitless adventures on land in Oklahoma. With its many rock faces and good quality granite, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge offers excellent opportunities for rock climbing and rappelling. Mount Scott is especially popular, in part for the many crags found along its northern walls. If you need a little instruction before you scale the mountains, Guide for a Day will meet you in the Wichita Mountains and give you one-on-one instruction to help you on your way.

Robbers Cave State Park in southeast Oklahoma is a popular rappelling spot. If you’re new to climbing, you may consider visiting one of the state’s indoor gyms, such as Climb Tulsa. Here, for a small fee, you can rent the necessary equipment and receive instruction on climbing techniques.

If ATVing is your game, you’ll find that Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka is Oklahoma’s favorite playground for off-roading enthusiasts. With 1,600 acres of sand dunes, some of which reach 75 feet in height, Little Sahara is the place to bring your dune buggies and dirt bikes. ATV and Off-Road Vehicle rental is available at nearby Stewart’s ATV & Buggy where you can ride straight to the park. Other popular ATV areas include Beaver Dunes Park in the Oklahoma panhandle, Lake Murray State Park in Ardmore, Cross Bar Ranch Park in Davis and Quartz Mountain State Park in Lone Wolf where you can park your four-wheeler on the beach and go swimming in Lake Altus-Lugert. Remember state law requires on public land that DOT-helmets are required for those under 18, and riding double is only permitted when the ATV is manufactured for two people.

Over at Alabaster Caverns State Park in Freedom, there are many opportunities for exploration from taking a 45 minute guided cavern tour to wild caving, also known as spelunking. The area is home to four caves ranging from 550 feet to 1,600 feet, so grab a flashlight and start your journey. Seasonal cave camping is also available at the park’s Water Cave.

For other extreme adventures on land including skateboarding, storm chasing and wilderness tours, visit the Extreme Adventure page.


You wouldn’t know it by looking, but Lake Tenkiller is home to an underwater playground where scuba divers can swim through a sunken school bus and around multiple boat hulls. Known as Oklahoma’s clearest lake and also one of the deepest, visibility at Tenkiller ranges from eight to 28 feet. Contact Nautical Adventures Scuba for some hands-on instruction or to stock up on scuba and snorkeling equipment.

Did you know you can wakeboard without a boat? At Lost Lakes Amphitheater & Water Park in Oklahoma City, visitors are invited to wakeboard, waterski and kneeboard using a unique system of overhead cables that will pull you around in a large circular motion for as long as you can hang on.

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